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Symbolic Calculator

Settings in the menu

The menu can be revealed by first pressing the "2nd" key.

Session management
The "clear current session" option clears the history completely, so you don't have to delete the lines one by one. It also clears any variable assignments you had.

If you want to keep the history, but would like to start working on new problems, you can start a new session and save the current one. Select "change session" to see what you can do. When the app is freshly installed you are working in a session named "default". If you start a new session, the previous one will be later available under the "saved sessions", and you have to give a name to the new session. (so the concept is that you name the session when it is created, not when you save it. Actually, sessions are always saved) To delete a session, press "edit" in the upper-right corner, and delete one of the saved sessions. You can not delete the currently opened session.

Variables and function defintions

Variable assignments belong to a session. You make a variable assignment by typing it in the form of [variable name] = [expression], so for example to assign 5 to x you type x=5 and press enter. Variable names must begin with a letter, and can contain only letters and numbers. You can list the variables by selecting "list of variables" from the menu.

You can also define custom functions. To do this enter the definition into the editor field and press enter. For example you would define a cubic root function as "croot(x) = x^(1/3)" .A variable and a function can not have the same name.

There are two kind of user-defined functions. A newly defined function is tied to the current session, and will be listed among the session definitions. It is only available while you have the containing session open.

To make a function available from any session, you have to make it global. You do this by opening the list of global functions by pressing the "func" button and there pressing "add new". In the screen shown you will be able to move a function from the session to the global functions. Once you have done this, it will appear among the built-in functions.

General settings

key clicks: enables key click sounds.

all solutions: If enabled, the result from solve() covers all the possible solutions. When disabled, the results can be only one of the many solutions, but have a simpler form. (to see the difference try solve(sin(x)=0,x) for example)

trig mode: Mode of trigonometric calculations. Radian or degree.

You can decide if you prefer stuffing many things on one screen, or rather not stressing your eyes.

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